Thanks To Sun & Jupiter In Aries, Your Luck Is About To Change Today

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April 11 brings the Sun and Jupiter conjunction in Aries. This is the most auspicious day of the year, since the all powerful and vibrant Sun shines its light upon lucky and expansive Jupiter. When these planets collide, we can lean into our dreams and manifest our visions into reality, because both of these planets want us to confidently embrace our potential. 
From matters of love to career choices, the Sun and Jupiter are urging us to live our best life. The caveat is that we can overindulge and act self-righteous. As long as we act in moderation, we can avoid the temptation to be judgemental and thoughtless. An overzealous ego will create conflict with others — when we should all be acting kindly to each other.
The best way to use the energy is to manifest our desires. The Aries energy is the spark of inspiration that helps us grow our goals. The Sun and Jupiter want to shower these desires with attention and affection in order to help us aspire to greatness in reality. If we believe in what we want to bring to life and set the right intention, then the world is our oyster. Anything is possible. Lean into it.
Please see how you can harness the power and manifest, based on your zodiac sign. 


For you, seeing is believing. Therefore, you might decide to make a vision board in order to acknowledge the value of manifesting your intentions everyday. Make a poster that defines your aspirations with quotations, images, and ideas. Looking at it everyday will motivate you towards making your visions come true.


Acknowledging your fears head on will give you the chance to remedy and heal the past. As long as you give yourself a lot of TLC, you can work on mending your tender heart and opening yourself up again to other people and situations. Embrace and own what scares you. 


No one knows more than you that it takes two (or more) to make a thing go right. Utilize your contacts to get ahead in all aspects of life. Reach out to others for help and support. You will be amazed by how much they assist in your personal advancement.


You are a real go-getter when it comes to your career, which is why you should start plotting out your next great chapter. Dream and think big in order to attain the greatness and success you want. Before you know it, you’ll be the new CEO at work. 


You shouldn’t feel as though you’re stuck in one place. Instead of standing still, the fiery energy is giving you the momentum to spread your wings and see the world. It’s pushing you out of your comfort zone and to reboot your core system with a trip around the world.


Never one to rock the boat, you tend to people please. As a result, you never put your needs and wants first. Think of this as a time when you’re learning to object and do what you desire instead. Be a leader and enjoy your autonomy. 


Relationships and friendships define you. But, that does not mean someone should walk all over you. Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries with others is something you’ve wanted to impose in partnerships for a while in order to create healthier connections — even with yourself. Now, you can finally do so.


You’re not one to sit still and watch the world pass you by. On the contrary, you like to take charge of your daily routines and crush your activities. Take a few minutes out of each day and relish in the moment and enjoy life through some R&R.


As you’re constantly traveling and exploring the world, you have a plethora of different knowledge that is bursting to be seen and comes out of you at the moment. Use these insights to make a cool artistic project that shows off your lesser known creative skills.


The office may be your favorite place to hang out and show off your slick business skills, but home is where your heart is. Focus on defining and creating closer ties with your family and loved ones in order to have the meaningful personal life that you crave right now. 


Rather than hold your goals close to your heart, share them with others: speak about your hopes and aspirations with a few trusted friends and confidants. You’ll be able to get their feedback and put your ideas in motion, as words can give you the strength to move forward. 


The best things in life may be free, but that doesn’t mean you should not aspire to increase your finances and bank account. Align your money with a new endeavour that won’t go out of style and speaks to generations to come. This will bring prosperity and abundance your way.
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