Turn Up The Heat With Our Sexy Winter Reading List

The last few years have been a spiral of overwhelmingly terrible news with attacks on women's rights and sexuality at the forefront, so we understand the importance of a sexually explicit and liberated book to lift your spirits. This winter, your local sexual wellness writer is here to save you (or at least help give your libido a boost) with our sexy reading list. This isn't a normal reading list; it's a cool reading list. And by "cool" we mean scorchingly hot, filled with sizzling banter, and, of course, steamy sex scenes that will have you reaching for your nearest sex toy.
Ahead, you'll find the perfect sexy reading list: a balance of new and perennial page-turners that are ideal for snuggling under a blanket with. So whether you're into enemies-to-lovers, cozy hometown lovers, bawdy bodice-rippers, or something else entirely, one of these books is sure to put you in the mood. Consider this your sex-writer-approved reading list to combat your news blues and get you into a heated frenzy that matches the weather outside: no fade to blacks allowed.
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