Harry Styles Unveiled More Pleasing Beauty & Here’s What We Think

I'm a journalist but I’m a Harry Styles fangirl first and foremost. So when news of a new Pleasing collection trickled into my inbox recently, I may have uttered a shriek or two (please, I’m only human and this is Harry Styles we’re talking about).
Hot Holiday is inspired by all things summer and includes a four-shade, biodegradable nail polish set (The Hot Holiday Set, $98, or $31 for the yellow and blue individual polishes) plus a soothing tonic, The Pleasing Spritz, $38, and The Pleasing Everybody Oil, $68 (all available now on Pleasing.com). They're joined by a run of limited-edition apparel, including a yellow Pleasing Hoodie, $166, Beach Towel, $83, and Beach Bag, $83.
The press release cooks up an idyllic image, not unlike Harry’s "Golden" music video: "Think of being on the Italian coast in the middle of summer, where the Mediterranean sun has warmed the sand between your toes and the sound of the ocean waves crashing is all that occupies your mind." But with campaign imagery by photographer Tom Johnson, we think it's more coastal grandma chic via the best, brightest and brashest of the seaside.
Take, for example, the names of the four nail polish shades: Beach Ball (a deep, ocean-blue opaque gloss), Nonna’s Sorbet (a yellow opaque gloss), Harry’s Chair (a seaweed-green opaque gloss) and Wet Bottoms (a high-gloss, clear topper for a wet-look finish). It’s retro, it’s campy and perfect for the heat we're soon to experience, once winter is finally over.
Styles obsessive I may be, but I was still keen to find out whether the collection is actually any good and worth the buck. ($31 for one nail varnish — really, Harold?)
I tested the entire lineup. Read on for my honest thoughts.
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