I Took An Expert’s Party Makeup Advice & It Made Me A Glitter Convert

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Pat McGrath is one of the beauty industry's most sought-after makeup artists for a reason: everything she touches turns to gold. And I mean literally. A quick scroll through her Instagram page proves that she isn't afraid to embrace molten metals, metallic foils and a shedload of shimmer (whether it's on eyes, lips or cheeks).
Pat's signature looks certainly lend themselves to party season but going-out makeup can be daunting, particularly if you want to experiment with sparkle for the first time (and don't want to resemble an overdressed Christmas tree). Festive makeup doesn't have to be excessive or time-consuming, though.
I asked Pat to lay down her simple and achievable tips and tricks for nailing party makeup in moments, and I actually learned so much.

An inner corner highlight will elevate the simplest makeup

Pat is devoted to gold, sparkle and shine but has found that these elements don't need to be overly dramatic. If you have neither the time nor the patience to layer and blend when it comes to creating an eyeshadow look, Pat suggests depositing a "mere touch of sparkle in the inner corners of each eye".
Most of the makeup looks that Pat creates are so lustrous, they can be seen from space, so her second collaboration with Star Wars makes total sense. "Use a shade like Binary Sunset [a pink champagne with a subtle sparkle] in the Eye Shadow Palette Star Wars Edition, $61," she said. Take a small, fluffy brush and simply dust the shadow into the inner corner, or use the soft pad of your little finger to press the pigment into place. It's that simple.

Try the 'centrepiecing' trend

If you're not keen on fashioning an elaborate glitter eye, pressing just a hint of shimmer onto the centre of each eyelid and then atop the Cupid's bow using your fingertip will create something subtle at first, says Pat. But when the light bounces off the shimmer particles, it'll look like you've really tried. Pat suggests enlisting ChromaLuxe Artistry Pigment in Extragalactic Gold, $54.
Creams are easier to blend here but if you prefer powder eyeshadow, Pat has a handful of tips for minimising messy fallout. Firstly, ditch your priming lotions and potions for a concealer. "I love the Sublime Perfection Concealer, $58, which creates a smooth, even base for your eyeshadow. This will help the shadow to adhere to your lid and reduce fallout." She's right. Concealer is better than most drying eyeshadow primers I've tried and this one acts like Velcro under powder eyeshadow as the texture is creamy and hydrating.
If you want something more dramatic, the key is layering up rather than going straight in with a brush loaded with pigment. "When applying your eyeshadow, use a light hand," said Pat, "and apply the product in small, buildable layers. This will allow you to achieve the desired intensity of colour without over-applying the shadow, which can cause fallout." Lastly, Pat recommends pressing a tissue or a piece of transparent tape against your lid to catch any stray particles of eyeshadow. This shouldn't mess up or remove the pigment if you're super gentle. Think of it like blotting lipstick so that it doesn't smudge throughout the day.

Extend the inner corner highlight up to your brow bone

If the inner corner highlight is a bit too understated for your liking, dip your eyeshadow brush back into your chosen shade and bring it up to your brow. Stop blending just short of the arch of your eyebrow for a surprisingly pretty, sculpted inner eye look. I love shades Wicked Envy (a shimmer-laden khaki) and Blitz Violet Orchid in the Mothership VI: Midnight Sun Star Wars Edition Palette, $216, which just so happens to be one of Pat's favourites in the collection.
You could also try this with something more translucent, like the neutral shade Dreamer in the Anastasia Beverly Hills Mini Soft Glam EyeShadow Palette, $51. Also try Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick, $27 in Golden Pink, or e.l.f. Glitter Melt Liquid Eyeshadow, $10, which come in a variety of shades to suit all skin tones.

Use eyeshadow on your lips

It isn't just TikTokers who are obsessed with teaming shimmery highlighter or glitter eyeshadow with lip gloss. "I love using eyeshadow on the lips for a fun, unexpected twist on a classic look," said Pat, "and one of my favourites for the lips is our ChromaLuxe Artistry Pigment in Rouge Rebellion, $32." A metallic crimson with magenta undertones, this can be applied underneath or even on top of another lipstick thanks to what Pat calls the "cushiony" texture.
You could also use shades Imperial or Force Sensitive in the Eye Shadow Palette Star Wars Edition, $61, swiped underneath a clear gloss. Or make like TikTok's @lexusmperezz, who layered on Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Wattabrat, $59, underneath Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Ice Cooling Lip Luminizer Cold Heart'd, $37.
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Try a 'floating cut crease' with glitter

The smoky eye is making way for the floating cut crease and believe it or not, it takes far less blending. "To achieve this effect, take a small, precise brush to create a sharply defined crease," said Pat, who would gravitate to the aforementioned ChromaLuxe Artistry Pigments. Gently trace just above the crease of your eyelid and wing out the shape. You can use a cotton bud and some micellar water to clean things up.
"Then apply glitter underneath [the floating crease] using a flat, dense brush," said Pat. "This will give the illusion of a floating crease and add a touch of sparkle to your look." Opting for a powder over a cream will make blending a lot easier. Try Morphe Ready In 5 Eyeshadow Palette, $11, which combines five complementary shades so you can nail the look easily.

Try the 'vampire skin' hack

TikTokers like @mimiermakeup are obsessed with 'vampire skin': mixing a dot of liquid glitter eyeshadow (like e.l.f. Glitter Melt Liquid Eyeshadow in Bling Bling, $11) into foundation for a complexion that twinkles at every angle. If you want skin that gleams but is a little more pared down, Pat suggested starting with a skin-quenching primer like Divine Skin: Rose 001 The Essence, $145. If you have a smaller budget, try VIEVE Skin Nova, $53.46, with hydrating niacinamide and rosewater, or Versed Mood Lighting Luminizing Glow Drops, $29.53.
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Then simply pat a liquid or powder highlighter over your high points, such as the tops of your cheekbones, the tip of your nose and along your brow bone. Pat recommends the Skin Fetish: Highlighter + Balm Duo, $85.
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