Beware: Mars In Libra Will Bring Temperamental & Moody Vibes

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From August 27 to October 12, the planet of action, sex, and energy will be in the cardinal sign Libra. Known for its intelligent critique of matters, Mars in Libra uses words, sometimes salty and other times sweet, to convey their sentiments. Mars in Libra protects their heart from disappointment by wearing armour that shields and safeguards them instead of picking up their swords to fight. The last time Mars aspected Libra was from October 22, 2021 to December 15, 2021, so it’s been a long time since we’ve dealt with this celestial vibe.
The upside to this astronomical occurrence is that we will want to weigh all matters to ensure they are being considered fairly. Knowing when, and how, to compromise is an attribute that is essential if everyone is to get their interests met. Truth be told, negotiation is key in relationships. No one walks away empty handed and everyone feels as though they are being heard. This Martian combination will give their all to fight against injustice of any kind — even if it doesn’t directly apply to them, making Mars in Libra a SJW for causes that they hold near and dear to their hearts. 
Mars is greatly debilitated by Libra. This is a sign that doesn’t like to put much effort into matters, the opposite of the action planet. Also, this placement is not competitive or aggressive. As a result, it can hold us back from attaining our goals and desires, since Mars in Libra weighs its options before making moves (which can take a while since Libra is an airy indecisive zodiac sign). Instead of acting out, Mars in Libra can be sneaky in order to avoid arguments and then gaslight people when caught with their hands in the cookie jar. 
In relationships, Mars in Libra can be very aloof. Libra is the one zodiac sign that doesn't have a heart, which is why they can come across as unemotional at times. When it comes to confrontation, Mars in Libra opts to run away from any type of heated discussions. If they’re caught in a dramatic conflict, Mars in Libra defends themselves to the end to encompass fairness. They’ll participate in lighthearted conversations and flirting instead of having deep talks. Mars in Libra likes to be seen as a jovial and fun person, so they avoid situations or relationships that are intense. They want to live a life of peace and harmony, nothing can come between them and tranquility. The ability to take a step back and pause before reacting is a good thing because then Mars in Libra can think matters through and choose their words wisely. 
Mars also represents our sexual desires. Give and take is part of the lovemaking style of Mars in Libra. In order for them to feel sexually satisfied and fulfilled, their partner must have as many orgasms as them with the same level of intensity. Role-playing can be a fun activity for Mars in Libra, but they prefer connecting with their partner on a chill level: they don’t need extreme thrills in the boudoir. However, setting the mood is important, since they are so focused on aesthetics. Their idea of foreplay includes romantic ambiance and sexy lingerie with sensual tunes playing in the background. But, when it comes to picking a favourite sexual position, they opt to be more passive and want others to take control. Being that Libra rules the buttocks, a gentle flogging on their bum will be an extreme turn-on. 
This time around, Mars in Libra will be temperamental and moody, due to its alignment with the South Node of Destiny. The presence of Pluto retrograde and the centaur Chiron, who’s also retrograde, gives us the chance to work on healing old wounds and traumas with the intention of becoming better versions of ourselves. 

Important astrological dates for Mars in Libra:

August 27: Mars enters Libra, giving us a loftier and more complex view of how to fight for ourselves. 
September 24: Mars in Libra opposes the centaur Chiron, who is retrograde in Aries, helping us heal the past and mend our hearts. 
October 4: Mars aligns with the South Node in Libra, exhausting our energy levels and making us overemotional. 
October 8: Mars in Libra squares Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, pushing us to lean into our power. 
October 12: Mars exits Libra and moves into Scorpio.
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