True Love Stories From Real Couples

Photographed by Ashley Armitage.
Growing up, many of us learned that True Love involves dragons and princesses and epic battles and happily ever afters. But the real world just doesn't work that way, which is probably for the best — dragons cause a lot of damage.
Instead, true love IRL looks more like your partner surprising you with freshly baked cookies or cleaning the bathtub so you can relax. Instead of epic battles with evil sorcerers, we have epically bad Tinder dates. And after too many of those, it can start to feel like love is a lie. But never fear, because love is real, and we've rounded up some real-life stories to prove it.
Remember, of course, that love isn't always romantic. Some of these stories talk about romantic love, but some are also about friendship. Ahead, read the true stories that'll make you believe in love again.

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