Double Face Masking Is The Skincare Trend We’ve Got Time For

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During 2020, we all got in on the masking trend. Before that, it was all about multi-masking, where you apply different masks for different skin concerns to different areas of the face. Now, we're all about double masking. It's all about treatment followed up by nourishment.
To explain further, we chatted to MECCA's Skincare Expert, Lucy Shaw, who gave us the full rundown on how to double mask like a pro and shared her expert-approved masking combos.

Why is double masking such a trend?

"Right now, we are all at home staring in the mirror and analysing our skin, we have never had higher expectations or more time to invest in our skin and masks are a great way to achieve instant gratification and results," explains Lucy. And what is better than doing one mask? Two masks! "Double masking is the easiest way to replicate an in-salon facial, too, as most facials will involve some form of deep cleanse/detoxification/exfoliation followed by infusion of moisture and actives into the skin, much like double masking."

What are the benefits of double masking?

Double masking means that you have the opportunity to prep the skin before you infuse all of the treatment ingredients. "Double masking works with your skin and not against it, by firstly removing toxins and dead skin, so that when you go in with your nourishing treatment, it means that the active ingredients won't be sitting on top of a layer of dead skin cells, they will be able to absorb more effectively. I think that too often we will apply a mask and hope for the best, but doing some pre-work first, you will get better results," says Lucy.

When is the best time to apply a face mask?

It doesn't really matter too much when you apply your face mask, but personally, Lucy prefers the evening as it means you can take a moment to sit down, switch off and almost use it as a form of meditation. "Evening is also preferable because oil, toxins, dirt and impurities build up during the day, so evening is the perfect time for a detox. That's not to say you can't have a sneaky mask on whilst you're doing your work emails in the morning!"

What order should we be masking in?

Always start with the mask that is either exfoliating or clay-based (detoxifying) and then follow with something hydrating or nourishing to follow, explains Lucy. "If you would like to target blackheads, you need to first clean inside the pore with some salicylic acid (exfoliating beta hydroxy acid) and break up the blockages, use clay to pull everything out of the skin and then you need to hydrate at the end so that your skin doesn't freak out and produce a whole heap of oil taking you right back to where you started."

Can we mix masks?

You can absolutely mix mediums, explains Lucy. You can do creams, clays and sheet masks in your double masking routine. "I must admit I've never tried a double sheet mask, but I regularly do an exfoliating cream mask before I apply my sheet mask. It's my favourite way to overhaul my skin a the end of the week."

Are there ingredients that we should avoid layering?

"I would just caution two things, explains Lucy. "Over stripping and over-exfoliating the skin. Most of the time, if you're crossing over two different brands, chances are; your masks of choice have not been designed to be used together. So, start by checking out the active ingredients and make sure you aren't doubling up on anything. Avoid double dosing strong acids like glycolic acid, salicylic acid and also deep cleansing clays like Kaolin. The worst thing that you could do is go too crazy and send your skin into stress mode because this will stunt your results and interrupt your 'zen skin' moment."

So what's the best combination?

Lucy informs us that she actually spends a lot of time coming up with and testing masking combinations. It's one of her favourite past times. "My absolute fail-safe for a total skin overhaul is teaming up Summer Fridays Overtime ($67) and Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask ($70).
Brand founders Marianna and Lauren have made masking so straightforward that all of their masks can be used together. Start with the 'overtime' mask first, and the pumpkin enzymes will exfoliate and brighten and then follow with the 'Jet lag' mask, which will infuse hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and niacinamide bring the glow."
That said, if your skin needs a good detox, Lucy recommends starting with the Perricone Chlorophyll Detox Mask ($111), which uses gentle enzymes to exfoliate paired with algae to purify and detox your skin, then apply the Origins Mega Mushroom Resilience and Relief Mask ($59) to calm and strengthen skin, this can be left on the skin or tissued off.
If you want to look like you have head ten hours of sleep, Lucy suggests trying the Eve Lom Rescue Mask ($114), which deeply cleanses and retexturises using Kaolin Clay and hydrating honey, followed by the Mecca Cosmetica Fresh Faced Sheet Mask ($45) which drenches the skin in hydration.
And for a totally decadent and true treat yourself moment, Lucy recommends applying the La Mer The Intensive Revitalising Mask ($250) (for just 8 minutes) to flood the skin with essential vitamins and minerals, then, after removing, sit back and relax with the Verso Intense Facial Sheet Mask ($22) which will infuse the skin with hardworking actives like Retinol and Centella to stimulate collagen regeneration and leave you with 30 hours of hydration.

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