17 Gleaming Birthday Gifts Fit For A Leo

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Alexa, play "Roar" by Katy Perry — yep, that's right, it's officially Leo season. And you better believe we had a little gift-huddle with astrologer and Saturn Return Survival Guide author Lisa Stardust to confer on the best spotlight-worthy buys for this oh-so-social sign: "If you’re buying a gift for your Leo bestie, then you already know they demand nicccceee gifts." So get ready, because as Stardust states, "It’s time for us all to embrace our personal flair and express our passions."
Leos are likely used to throwing birthday bashes to rival a New Year's Eve-sized shindig, and you know they'll want to make up for last year's lockdown with celebrations fit for their socials. With that in mind, a thoughtful and expertly chosen gift can go a long way in making the Leo(s) in your life still feel celebrated in a big way. Stumped on where to start? "You can't go wrong with a little touch of gold," Stardust adds. "After all, they are the royals of the zodiac."
Ahead, we've lined up 17 glimmering suggestions that any ferocious fire sign would adore — from a chic animal-print backpack to glittery nail polish and beyond.
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