These Films Will Make You Laugh Every Time

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The quest for the funniest films of all time is a lengthy one. Every year, there are dozens of comedies released, each embracing a nuance of the hilarious. There are stoner comedies, family comedies, dark comedies, animated comedies, campy comedies, indie comedies, slapstick comedies, chick flick comedies. The list goes on and on.
Whatever your mood, a good comedy can lift your spirits and leave you in a pool of your own tears from laughter. After reviewing the 101 Funniest Screenplays, asking my peers, and tapping into my own reserve of hysterical hits, we've crafted a list of the films that are guaranteed to make you laugh every single time.
However, sometimes you just don't have time for a two-hour laughing sesh. But, no worries — we took care of that, too. To best utilise your time, we went ahead and pulled out the funniest scenes of each film and included them here for a quick comedy fix.
Let's get to laughin'.

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