The Signs Of A Compatible Friendship, According To Astrology

Daphne Thao Nguyen/Refinery29 Australia for Getty Images
If you're a dedicated horoscope reader, you've probably dabbled in astrological compatibility, too — from a romantic standpoint, that is. However, consulting someone else's birth chart shouldn't just be reserved for when you're dating them. It can be equally useful to look up your BFF's chart.
Not only do all sorts of astrological aspects and placements indicate a harmonious romantic relationship, there are plenty that can reflect a lifelong friendship in the making, too. You just need to know where to look in your and your friend's respective birth charts.
Ahead, we'll show you four features in your birth charts to check out in order to better understand your friendship from an astrological POV. Of course, if you and your BFF don't have any of these traits in common, that doesn't mean you should break up on the spot. Astrology is an imperfect science — and it's totally fine if your dearest friendship defies the "rules" (and we use that term very loosely) of the stars.
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