How To Harness Black Moon Lilith To Unleash Your Innate Power

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Over the past month or so, you may have heard your astrologically-minded friends talking about the fabulously-named 'Black Moon Lilith'. But just what is this mysterious force and how can we harness it to make 2023 into your most empowering year ever?
According to Mesopotamian and Judaic mythology, Lilith was Adam’s first wife (as in Adam and Eve). Lilith was considered a 'she-dom' (female demon) because she was banished from the Garden of Eden for choosing to not obey Adam. Although they were created as equals from the same source of clay at the same time, Adam wanted Lilith to be subservient to him — something which she refused. 
In astrology, there's multiple mentions of Lilith. There's the asteroid Lilith, Black Moon Lilith, and Dark Moon Lilith. The asteroid represents a point of change as it is found between Mars and Jupiter in the cosmos. Black Moon Lilith is the point of the Moon (the lunar apogee) that’s farthest away from Earth. It’s not a physical place — rather a point that denotes our carnal desires and need for empowerment. Dark Moon Lilith, which is found on Waldemath's Moon or Sepharial’s Moon (aka the 'Ghost Moon'), symbolises mysterious forces of nature. It’s important to understand the different types of Lilith and their energies — even though here we’re focusing on Black Moon Lilith. 
Think of Black Moon Lilith as a divine energy that allows us to harness our innate power. BML doesn’t hold us back. It pushes us forward. Meaning it urges everyone to demand more and expect the best. Lilith believes that no one should have to settle — especially at the hands of the patriarchy. Black Moon Lilith wants us to fight back by leaning into our shadow side and not compromising in any aspect of life — especially in our sex lives.
Using intuition, strength, and alchemy to unapologetically manifest greatness in our personal lives is the best way to create greatness and attain our goals. By fighting for independence and freedom, with the help of BML, we can reclaim, define, and conceive the life we want — more importantly on our own terms.  
In 2023, Black Moon Lilith entered Leo on January 8 and will remain there until October 3. During this time, we should embrace our divadom. From October 3 onwards into 2023 and 2024, BML will be in Virgo, urging us to accept ourselves. 
Look up your Black Moon Lilith here and read below to find out what your Black Moon Lilith sign means. You can use this energy in your everyday life to have the best and most empowering year ever.


In true Aries form, this placement wants to take the lead and initiate projects. Your 'go get ‘em' nature can lead to arguments with others down the road if people stand in your way of attaining excellence. Winning is everything. There is no room for second place in any game. 


People with BML in Taurus need to treat themselves instead of denying R & R. Acknowledging that their bodies are temples and deserving of sensual and luxurious treatment is key. Lean into the earthly pleasures of the world. There is a fear of change and growth which can be detrimental.


It is quite common for Black Moon Lilith in Gemini to hold back their words. Speaking up is a lifelong process, but will be extremely rewarding and fulfilling in helping one find their confidence and voice. Find unique ways of expressing emotions so that you can be heard and understood. 


This placement is known to notoriously resist acknowledging their sentiments and feelings for others and themselves. Having a good cry and releasing pent up frustration can help, and making emotionally mature decisions can be helpful and invigorating. Remember, the road to healing takes time and is a process. 


Black Moon Lilith in Leo peeps are destined for the spotlight and fame — so much so that this placement pushes them towards greatness and success at the cost of others. It’s acceptable for BML in Leo to be selfish, glamorous, and fabulous — they just need to remain optimistic.


Those with Black Moon Lilith in Virgo need to set boundaries and limits with others so that they aren’t taken for granted by those they care about. Also, they should not have to hide their uptight vibe while pretending to be a chill and laid back person (which they aren’t).


Stop overthinking and have fun. This placement wants people to stop worrying about the past and future by living in the moment. After all, there is nothing more important than the precious present and a life that focuses on being in the here and now. 


Embracing one’s sexuality is essential with Black Moon in Scorpio. This means that people with this BML placement will lean into their kinks and be open about it. Never one to share secrets, they’ll still have some tricks up their sleeve that no one knows about — except for them. 


It’s always a party when Black Moon Lilith is around. This fiery placement of BML is always expanding minds, calling with new romantic prospects, and is gregarious by nature. You should never let anyone dim the light or the over-the-top energy that makes you special. Be true to yourself at all times.


Instead of working hard 24/7, Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn should take time to smell the roses and find balance. Being a wealthy CEO is just a symbol of status and doesn’t guarantee genuine happiness for the sea-goat in the future. Take time away from the office to enjoy life.


There is a possibility that Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius can be a little more clingy than usual when in relationships. And, they can get up on their soapboxes to preach their fanatical beliefs. However, it’s for a good cause (which is why it’s acceptable) and an important humanitarian purpose. 


Black Moon Lilith in Pisces lives with their head in the clouds. Although they’re known to be super creative and imaginative, they aren’t great at tending to mundane tasks like keeping appointments and paying bills on time. Their mutable and watery nature takes them to a different plane of existence.
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