5 Eyelash Curlers To Lift Even The Straightest Of Lashes

Long, curled and flirty lashes were all I wanted as a teen standing in the too-brightly-lit makeup aisle at my local chemist. I tried half a dozen of the most sworn-by mascaras, only to find that they did nothing for my short, Asian lashes.

Alas, it was a few years later that I realised I was missing a crucial piece to the lash puzzle. The revered eyelash curler! For lashes that are curve-challenged, eyelash curlers are needed to achieve the desired upturned lash look. Without them, my lashes point down at a 45-degree angle, a trait that many Asian people share. 
Though of course not all straight or Asian lashes and eyelids are the same, these curlers are recommended for almond-shaped and monolid eyes.

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