What Is A Venus Star Point? So Glad You Asked

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I know you've been told to mark your calendars for plenty of astrological happenings in the past, but when I say it's worth paying attention to the upcoming Venus Star Point on 26th March — I mean it. This conjunction between Venus, the Planet of Love, and the sun is so powerful that Narayana Montúfar, a senior astrologer for, is calling it one of the "most beautiful manifestations of sacred geometry within astrology." Intense, right?
The path Venus traces as she moves through our solar system forms the shape of a five-pointed star. The reason this transit is called a Star Point is because the Planet of Love is meeting the Sun at the very top of this pentagram shape. Madi Murphy, an astrologer and the founder of The Cosmic Revolution, says that this transit can help us open our lives to larger patterns related to how we see relationships, love, and money. "Simply stated, the Star Points are significant markers for us to understand the power of love in our everyday lives," she says.
Montúfar says that the Venus-sun conjunction marks "the reinvigoration and change in energy of all Venusian things like pleasure, love, social connections, and creativity." Each Star Point has a different energy, too. "Every time a planet meets the sun, that planet absorbs the energy of the zodiac sign in which the meet-up happens," she says. For this particular transit, Venus will meet the sun in bold, fiery Aries. Regardless of our individual zodiac signs, Montúfar says we'll all be approaching love and relationships like an adventurous ram during this time. Specifically, this conjunction will illuminate our need for freedom and space within relationships.
"Aries tends to like flying solo, so for couples, this energy could feel a little separating. We will need more time away from our partners to focus on our own projects and endeavors," Montúfar says. She's not talking about a split, just some space. After all, you may have been spending a lot of time with your boo in the past year, with the pandemic limiting who it was safe to see socially. With the weather getting warmer and the end of the pandemic slowly but surely creeping its way towards us, it's only natural to want to reconnect with people you've seen less often.
If you're flying solo, however, the upcoming months will be exploding with Hot Girl Summer vibes. "The energy of the year ahead is not necessarily going to be about finding a partner, but more about enjoying the thrill of the chase," Montúfar says. The Venus Star Point will light a fire under you to go and mingle your heart out with potential romances and summer flings — although Venus in Aries isn't the best for starting relationships, it still adds some fun butterflies to our budding romances.
So, how can we take advantage of this auspicious astrological happening? On the day itself, let yourself be social and impulsive: Plan an outdoor picnic with your pod, swipe on your dating apps of choice, or take a chance on a lottery ticket, suggests Leslie Hale, a psychic astrologer for She says that this is "a pleasant transit that can coincide with positive events connected to money, our love life, or social activities, and is an excellent day to socialise or make any kind of presentation to others."
But when thinking long-term, this conjunction may set the stage for you to turn inwards. "This is a time to embark on a journey of self-discovery," says Murphy. "You are being asked to take risks, undertake new beginnings, and feel lit up with hope! This Star Point is giving new fuel to our inner fire." She says that we're being asked to open our hearts to strengthen our independence, identity, and the mission to lead a more authentic life. Stay true to yourself now, and the universe will reward you.
The Venus Star Point occurs around every 10 to 12 months, and is happening as we speak — we'd say buckle up, but we're sure you'll be able to handle the heat.
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