From Trans Women In Sport To Climate Change — Here’s How To Approach Contentious Election Conversations With Loved Ones

As the May 21 polling date for the 2022 federal election quickly approaches, you might notice political chat in your social circles ramping up. We love to hear it — talking openly about politics with the people in our lives can bring us closer, break down barriers and drive real change. But good things don’t always come easy.
While it can be confronting to speak to loved ones with opposing or misinformed views on the big issues, staying calm and clear is a skill worth practising. The key is to ask questions, and really listen to the answers to make sure you understand their point of view. When we feel heard and respected, we’re less likely to be defensive. Politics is about the exchange of ideas, so don’t be afraid to share your perspective and the facts that have informed your view, too. We’re all more receptive to information we hear from people we like and trust. 
At the end of the day, there is no substitute for being informed and well-read. If you want to gently challenge misconceptions in real time, you’ll need to know the facts. So from electricity prices to trans women in sport, here’s how to push back on five of the most persistent myths from the 2022 election campaign. 
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