Are Triple Bags The New Double Bags?

Photo: courtesy of Ulla Johnson.
If you’re the type who finds themself carrying both a bag the size of a pack of gum for the sake of fashion and a grubby tote for everything you actually need to lug around, this rising trend is for you. On September 8, New York-based bohemian brand Ulla Johnson debuted its spring ‘22 collection at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. In the urban oasis, models walked to the sounds of the Attacca Quartet in balloon-sleeved and crochet frocks perfectly suited for the sweltering 80-degree morning. But sundresses for spring are hardly groundbreaking, and string quartets are nice and all but… it was the accessories that stole the show. Many of the presentation's models were decked out in not one, not two, but three handbags
Strewn around the necks, chests, and wrists of Ulla Johnson’s model lineup were oversized bucket bags and woven crossbodies, as well as sunglass cases attached to necklace-like straps, water bottle bags, and tiny coin purses designed to latch right onto belt loops. Looking at the bounty of bags presented at Ulla Johnson’s show, we couldn’t help but wonder why we so often resign ourselves to using one big carryall — or, if we're feeling chic, one tiny ornamental bag and another canvas tote for all the necessary spillover. After all, think about how much we'd save on chiropractor appointments if we weren’t constantly lopsided from lugging around one 10kg shoulder bag each and every day. 
Photo: courtesy of Ulla Johnson.
Photo: courtesy of Ulla Johnson.
While carrying a trio of bags feels fresh this season, it's a natural development on the double-bagging practice, which saw a number of spikes throughout the 2010s. The double-bag trend first found popularity in 2012, on street style stars like Susie Bubble, before popping up again in 2015, in collections from Fendi and Chloé, and again in 2019, on runways at Tod’s and (shocker!) Ulla Johnson. 
In July, Sarah Jessica Parker catalysed yet another return to fashion fame when she was spotted giving the double-bag look her sartorial stamp of approval while shooting scenes for the forthcoming Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That… A true New Yorker, meaning that she can’t possibly leave her apartment without a million different unnecessary trinkets (and her ever-present book to read between takes), the actress suited up with one short cross-body made of a silver chain material, as well as another, longer cross-body.
When you’re carrying around as much stuff as we are, two bags no longer feels like enough. So when the overflow becomes overwhelming, perhaps try tossing another pouch around your chest, shoulder, or neck. May you never have to shlep a tote (or join the dreary tote discourse) again. If that's not reason enough, do it for your back. 

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