Rihanna Wore TikTok’s Favorite Going-Out Top With Low-Rise Jeans

Photo: Zanotti/SplashNews.
Rarely does Rihanna succumb to fads, likely because she’s often the one starting them. Yet, the billionaire fashion-beauty mogul’s latest look featured this summer’s most viral going-out top. 
Around 5am on Friday morning, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky were spotted leaving the New York City nightclub Pergola in full fashion form. The singer wore distressed Balenciaga low-rise jeans, which she layered over top of a pair of red Adidas track pants and exposed boxers; a silk headscarf; and a Harley Davidson scarf top. The latter happens to be one of TikTok’s most pervasive trends. 
The scarf top first gained traction back in 2020, when a handful of TikTokers, led in large part by Lisbon-based content creator Claudya Moreira, began posting how-to videos for transforming silk scarves into going-out tops (in the style of Jennifer Aniston at the 1999 SAG Awards). Moreira and more’s videos became so popular, in fact, that the hashtag #scarftop, which is jam-packed with ways to tie your scarf collection in the most creative of ways, now has over 52 million views.
Photo: Zanotti/SplashNews.
Technically, Rihanna’s scarf top isn’t quite as DIY as those found on TikTok. Instead, the singer-designer’s choice is of the more constructed variety, featuring added halter-style spaghetti straps. 
Either way you prefer to wear them — tied around your torso like the tops du jour on TikTok or atop your head — with the weekend just hours away, scarves are proving to be more and more of a worthy option for this evening’s Friday night plans. Before you decide, make sure to check out #scarftop for #inspo.

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