What To Get The Beauty Hoarders In Your Life (Because They Don't Need Another Lipstick)

Imagine: You crack open your first gift of the holiday season and inside the beautifully wrapped box lies a...SoulCycle gift card. Sigh. It's a great gift, to be sure, but you don't even like exercising. So, you muster up your most genuine, "Oh my gosh, I love it!" and file it away into your re-gifting stash. As selfish as it may sound, we've all received presents that we have zero use for IRL. For some, that might be socks, for others, a random DVD (when you don't even own a DVD player).

And for those of us in the beauty industry, it's cosmetics. Don't get us wrong: We live for the newest makeup, skin, and hair launches — but we also try them all year long. So, when the holidays roll around, we're secretly hoping for something other than what's on the gift guides we've been curating for months.

This year, we thought we'd share the gifts we'd actually love to receive — in hopes of inspiring your own wish lists. Check 'em out in the slides ahead, and feel free to google our work addresses if you're feeling extra-generous. (Just kidding.)

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