5 Things To Know This AM — Jul 05 2012

If you're looking for a little workday diversion, check out Jena's favorite looks from the Dior Couture show. There is so much pretty we don't know what to do with it all. (Chi City Fashion)
Joe Meno, who's been dubbed Chicago's "Prince of Hipster Lit," has a new book out. He talks about what went into writing Office Girl. (Chicago Magazine)
It's virtually impossible to live in Chicago and not be a pizza fanatic, but sometimes your waistline just can't take another slice. Try out this naked 'za next time the craving hits. (Chicagoist)
We don't know about you, but our mid-week day off has us jonesing for a vaca. And, thanks to this blogger's gorgeous pics, Napa just shot to the top of our wish list. (Miss Renaissance)
Is there anything more American than a good burger? Check out this spin on the classic sammy — we know what you're making for lunch. (Glossed & Found)
Photo: Via Chi City Fashion

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