Astrologica: Venus On The Move

Heads up, stargazers: Venus, keeper of your love and relationships sphere, is hitting the road skies in this week's installment of our horoscope web series, Astrologica. Luckily, Tali and Ophira Edut — better known as the AstroTwins — are here to help break down what this cosmic shift will bring. After several weeks in volatile, fiery Aries, the planet will shift into Taurus, signaling a major change of pace in your love life.

Don't worry, lovers, we're not talking about a fizzle — more like a simmer, bubbling just below boiling. As things slow down a bit, take this as an opportunity to step back and evaluate your relationships with some much-needed perspective. Keep your focus on what you really want, but be on the lookout for ways to keep things moving in romance-land. (Think sweet, rather than sultry.) Watch the episode above for expert-approved strategies on how to make slow and steady work for you.

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