The Future First Lady Isn’t The Only One With Her Own “Glam Room”

Photo: Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images.
Believe it or not, Melania Trump did not invent the “glam room.” Nor did Kylie Jenner, for that matter. The blueprint of a designated, private area for a person to beautify undisturbed, with everything needed at his or her fingertips, goes all the way back to the Victorian-era boudoir. Sitting room, salon, boudoir, glam room — whatever you want to call it, the idea has been around forever. Some are just more lavish than others. See: Kendall Jenner’s glam room, created by Los Angeles-based interior designer Martin Lawrence Bullard.

Bullard, who is also the decorator behind Kourtney, Khloe, and Kris’ individual spaces, tells Yahoo Beauty, “When you’re getting your glam done, it’s a personal experience. It’s private time.” And Kendall’s private time takes place in what Bullard describes as a “free-flow space,” with a customized chair, a big TV, an “amazing ‘70s crystal chandelier,” and a refrigerator stocked with chilled water (and makeup and skin care, naturally).

But according to the designer, Kendall’s glam room really isn’t all that big. “It’s the size of a normal person’s bedroom,” Bullard says. That’s in stark contrast to Beyoncé’s personal space — the superstar’s go-to makeup artist, Sir John, tells Yahoo Beauty that Queen Bey has an entire apartment for getting glammed, because wouldn’t you, if you were Beyoncé? “It’s strictly for the wardrobe and the makeup and the hair and the coloring. It’s a salon and atelier,” Sir John explains.

The culture of the celebrity glam room is definitely a thing, but as Sir John says, “The luxury of being a world-class performer or the most photographed woman in the world is that you have people come into your home.” Luxury would be the word — and after all, every one of us has a special room in which to get ready, and toil away at hair and makeup until we, too, can afford an apartment-sized glam room of our own. It’s called a bathroom.

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