This Is How The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants Spent New Years

Twelve years after they somehow magically wore the same pants on screen, the sisterhood of the really stretchy (and possibly invisible) pants gathered for New Year's Eve. Or rather, the actresses who once portrayed the sisterhood gathered.

Amber Tamblyn, 33, who played the film-obsessed Tibby Rollins in 2005's Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, posted a photo on Instagram with her former co-star Blake Lively, 29, on New Year's Eve. (Lively gifted us the athletic Bridget "Bee" Vreeland.)

In the post, the two are appear to be snuggling in bed.

"Hi, 2017," Tamblyn writes in the caption. America Ferrera, 32, our Carmen Lowell, joined the group digitally. Lively shared a photo of herself and Tamblyn chatting with Ferrera on FaceTime. And, because the sisterhood doesn't leave a gal behind, Ferrera reposted the Instagram with the hashtag "#missingalexis," in honor of their absent comrade, Alexis Bledel.

It's impressive that even three of the sisterhood could manage a hangout these days — by all accounts, the former stars of the teen favorite are very busy. Tamblyn is pregnant with her first child and in the midst of writing a forthcoming novel. Lively just had her second child and is quite busy being the face of adorable Hollywood. And Ferrara just penned an essay for The New York Times about running a triathlon.

But still, sisterhood is sisterhood, and gatherings must be had. No news on whether the storied traveling pants made an appearance at the gathering. Check out the 2017 reunion, below.

Hi, 2017.

A photo posted by Amber Tamblyn (@amberrosetamblyn) on

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