What New Yorkers Think Of Hillary Clinton's New Brooklyn HQ

Photo: Courtesy of Nina Wolpow.
Hillary Clinton's plans to run for president in 2016 may not be official yet, but her New York City borough of choice is clear: Politico reports that the Clinton campaign has leased two full floors at 1 Pierrepont Plaza in Brooklyn Heights, a building that bills itself as “Modern Offices. Brooklyn Cool.” — and, the internet is having a field day with the news.

While some critics think the choice of location is an attempt to woo millennial voters  — The Daily Mail calls Brooklyn "the epicenter of hipster culture," and, as one Democratic consultant explained to The Hill, "The people who think it’s a great idea are the same people who think Girls is good" — others are quick to point out that it's not exactly Bushwick.

"In Clinton’s favor, for the last 150 years or so, while Brooklyn has become ever hipper, Brooklyn Heights has become more hip-replacement," writes Tom McCarthy at The Guardian. "It’s not a place to make the scene."

"Her new 'cool' building also houses Morgan Stanley and the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York," says Emma Whitford at Gothamist. "This is the Scarsdale of Brooklyn."

The news of her lease signing isn't just fodder for Hillary hipster jokes; it also means that per FEC rules, Clinton now has only 15 days left before she has to file a campaign committee. While we anxiously await the big announcement that will really break the internet, we asked a few locals what they think about the presidential hopeful moving into their 'hood.

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