Rooney Mara Does Her Best Audrey Hepburn Impression For Calvin Klein

Set to the tune of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Rooney Mara's debut video for Calvin Klein's Downtown fragrance oozes sophisticated rocker cool. We've been anxiously waiting this video since the crisp black and white ad was released last May. The David Fincher mini-movie pegs Mara as an actress in transit: Going from the subway, ditching a drool-worthy leather jacket for glamorous Audrey Hepburn tresses, a film set, and a playfulness only the camera can bring out. Mara's chameleon-like transformation from everyday New Yorker to Hollywood actress is as smooth as it is ethereal. Fincher has captured the aura of the city in one minute (and has us daydreaming of leather jacket weather). Oh, and it's giving us an odd hope Mara will play Hepburn in an inevitable biopic soon — the likeness is uncanny. (Telegraph)

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