Hillary Clinton To Jason Segel: Our Movie Must Have Muppets

Jason Segel has been making it known for a while now that his dream costar is the one and only Hillary Clinton — whenever he's questioned about the identity of the mother on How I Met Your Mother, the funny man tends to point to the Secretary of State. Well, it seems somebody at the White House was listening. Segel appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last week and divulged that he received a letter of rejection from the good-humored pol, noting that she won't be joining the comic on the big screen anytime soon — because, you know, she's kinda busy right now.
A copy of the letter has surfaced, and while we're not exactly surprised that Madame Secretary can bring the sass, we're blushing over the idea of the globetrotting power player enjoying a Judd Apatow joke (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, anyone?). Secretary Clinton also mentioned that if she ever were to go Hollywood, it would be The Muppets or bust. We would love to see her tackle a musical number with puppets — after all, post her fiesta in Colombia, we know she can really get down. (Politico)
Photo: Via Politico

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