30 Unique Gifts From Etsy

They say it's the thought that counts. And, giving a gift of any kind is inherently thoughtful. It's a bit of a personal touch that sets apart the good gifts — the nice thoughts — from the great ones. Rather than booking a last-minute craft class to piece together a present that's both meaningful and one-of-a-kind, make it easy for yourself and head over to Etsy.
If you just clicked over, you probably quickly got overwhelmed by just how much of everything is on the site. Where to start? To help you suss out the best finds for everyone on your list, we narrowed it down to the coolest 30 options just swelling with that special, handmade feel. At a variety of price points, the art, jewelry, and out-there picks ahead sure beat another Starbucks gift card.
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It's like a way cooler version of the macaroni necklaces of your youth.
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They're here to take over the world — or your favorite plant.
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This will fit just the essentials for those who prefer to go hands-free.
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Make the most basic couch pop.
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For that friend whose ears just need a hug.
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Who doesn't need a new hat?
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Your work wife will love these on her desk.
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Rice Krispies, keys, knick-knacks; this bowl makes 'em all look better.
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A way radder version of the classic friendship bracelet.
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For the '90s aficionado in your life.
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Such a sweet stocking stuffer.
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For the friend who still hasn't come around to reusable totes.
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Perfect for your accident-prone loved one.
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Your mom's accessory wardrobe is not ready for this much cool — or is it?
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Spruce up that blank space.
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Ideal for the lazy girls amongst us.
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For the one who's got (hair) style for miles.
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If you're already picturing this on your own bed, it's okay to gift yourself something once in a while.
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Note taking is about to get a whole lot more fun.
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A sleek addition to any jewelry addict's box.
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Way better than a basic beanie.
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For the snuggliest of giftees.
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Your sister's laptop needs to accessorize, too.
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Badges for your brunch crew.
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Your niece will love this! Like, lovvveee.
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Adorable for any play room.
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An obvious win.
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New totes for everyone!
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Add a little something special to your boss' space.
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Screw sequins — this pouch makes an unexpected upgrade to the staid holiday clutch.

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