Team Obama Gives The Fashion Industry Some Well-Deserved Props

Here at R29, we've long known that fashion designers, and the stylish set who champion them, are a huge part of what makes our country tick — and now, according to Women's Wear Daily, the prez and his cadre at the Capitol are finally seeing the light.
After realizing acknowledging how vital the fashion industry is to our success, trade representatives from the Department of Commerce have launched the Made In America campaign, which they hope will bolster homegrown fashion brands and boost the country's export business and textile manufacturing. The pols in charge of the campaign are traveling the country speaking to major industry power players, stressing the importance of keeping their businesses (and manufacturing) local. We have to wonder whether the always-fashionable lady of the house had any influence on this initiative; either way, we say kudos to the powers-that-be for (finally!) giving a leg up to the designers we hold near and dear.

Photo: Courtesy of the White House

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