When In Rome

When In Rome Campania Greco Igt, Can 250ml

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You wouldn't Adam & Eve it, but the Greco grape - like many varietals across Southern Italy - probably originates from Greece. This Greco's intriguing aromatic flavour, compared by some to Viognier, is probably thanks to Taurasi's volcanic soil combined with the area's warm sunshine. Country of Origin Italy Suitable for vegetarians Storage 12 months cool and dry Serving Suggestions Taste great with: Antipasto: Stuffed Vine Leaves Pasta: Creamy Mushroom Spaghetti Main Course: Sole with Lemon and Dill Cheese: Feta or Ricotta Package Type Can Recycling Information Fully recyclable Other Information Contains Suplhates Brand When in Rome In Italy, wine lovers visit their local winery with refillable containers, fill them, go home, decant & enjoy. When in Rome is on a mission to bring this tradition to the UK. Beautiful Italian craft wine, made by independent producers, packaged in eco-friendly boxes that stay fresh for up to 6 weeks once opened. Manufacturer Antica Hirpinia Srl soc Agr. C/da Lenze, snc - 83030 Taurasi (AV) Country of Packing UK