Urbani Truffle Butter

At Food52
The best of both worlds. We wait all year for fresh Italian truffles we can add to our favorite dishes like risotto and mac and cheese and fish (also hello, best-ever chicken breast). And now that we can savor ‘em in butter form too? Yes, please. This flavorful goodness comes by way of family-run Urbani, a company that’s been in the truffle biz since 1852. It manages to balance the tuber’s mushroom-like umami with butter’s creamy-rich profile. (Opt for black truffle if you want a subtler flavor and earthy aroma, or go with white truffle for a bolder, more garlicky taste.) We're keeping a tub of this magic on hand so we can add it to rice, simmered into sauces, served with steak and fish...and slathered over toast, but of course. Free Standard Shipping on Orders $149+ and Easy-Breezy Returns