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The S’mores On S’mores Kit

At Milk Bar
The S'mores On S'mores Kit You've s’mored before, but not like this. This is an experience. Period. And it’s life-changing. We took the nostalgic flavors of your classic s’more and upped the ante in signature Milk Bar style: this giant deep vanilla cookie cake is choc-full of fudgy brownie chunks, ooey-gooey marshmallows, salty-malty pretzels, and sweet, crunchy grahams. (And we put more of everything on top, of course). As for how to use that bar of chocolate and bag o’ marshmallows that come with? We’ve got some ideas, but how you S’more on S’more is totally up to you. Just know it’ll be extra, it’ll be epic, it’ll be fun, and as always, it’ll taste delicious. The S'mores On S'mores Kit is packed with 1x S'mores Cookie Cake, 1x bar of chocolate, and 1x bag of marshmallows. See all the ways you can S'more >