Sincerely Black Lace Crop

At Adam and Eve
Enjoy Any Shade Of Kinky Role-Play You Desire With This Sting-Free Riding Crop! No matter how hard we swing with this beautiful, functioning work of art, we feel a satisfying, sting-free "thwok" every time! Madame will be pleased! (Master, too!) Sincerely Lace Crop Gorgeous hand-made petite crop in black Fetish look Sturdy polyurethane handle Soft, sure grip on handle adorned with Midnight Lace textured design Paddle adorned with Sincerely Lace textured design Satin ribbon details 12.5" long 3.5" x 1.75" crop tip Don't forget to use your safe word Now you can mean business without being too mean! Clothed or bare buttocks are just one of the areas you'll love teasing and disciplining with this keepsake fetish tool. Try it on your palm first to see –– and hear –– what we mean! And your Sincerely Lace Crop's petite size makes it perfect for that special place in your night stand or luggage. Don't take charge without it!