Craft a Brew

Premium Beer Making Kit

At The Grommet
Craft a Brew is a DIY home beer brewing kit that will make outstanding craft beer right out of the box. It is designed to allow customers to make the best possible beer in their own kitchen on their first attempt. The premium brewing kits use only 100% malt extract, world-class specialty grains, fresh hops, and high-quality yeast: everything you need to create great tasting beer. Includes everything needed to make your own craft brews at home Choose from different types of recipes, based on your own preference Beer Making Kit includes: One gallon glass carboy, funnel, food-grade tubing with thumb clamp, thermometer, rubber stopper, three-piece airlock, curved racking can (for bottling), and Kyle's Guide to Craft Brewing Additional Accessories include: Beer Making Recipes: Recipes for making your own craft brews; Capping Kit: Includes everything you need to bottle your batch of home brewed beer; Hop Straining Bag: Nylon hop straining bag for DIY beer brewing; Mini Auto Siphon: Mini auto siphon for DIY brewers of beer; Fermometer: Stick on thermometer gives accurate reading of your fermenting temperatures Dimensions (in packaging): 13" x 10" x 10" Weight: 7 lbs