Breads On Oak

New Orleans’ Original Organic Vegan King Cake (traditional Cinnamon)

At Breads On Oak
We make traditional cinnamon king cakes as well as cream cheese, pecan praline, almond cream filled, and chocolate mocha filled. Also, try our adult double filled like strawberry rum cream cheese, bourbon pecan praline, brandy tiramisu, and berry & brandy almond cream. We make every king cake from scratch and use only the best organic flours, fillings, sugars, natural colors and other non-GMO, non-dairy ingredients. That means no bright artificial colors. Our king cakes are baked fresh daily in a stone hearth oven, ensuring it will be moist and delicious. All traditional and filled king cakes are vegan. All traditional and filled king cakes are vegan. And in keeping with New Orleans tradition and our all-natural philosophy, inside every king cake is an almond (instead of the plastic baby).