Wonderful Wine Co.

Malvasia Bianca

At Winc
This uniquely-styled orange wine is a real treat for oenophiles who are looking to expand their horizons. The underlying ethos to all of Winc’s winemaking is our belief that great wine starts with great grapes. Our respect for the raw product is reflected in our minimal intervention practices. We are champions of respectful winemaking and we’re proving that commitment by bringing you this Malvasia that’s grown without pesticides, bottled without added sugars, and is vegan-friendly, low sugar, low carb, and low sulfite. Wonderful Wine Co. Malvasia represents one of our favorite categories for adventurous drinkers - orange wine. Made from white grapes but with skin contact during fermentation (à la red wine), this fun, funky bottling has notes of citrus, white flowers, and a minerally finish. Don’t be afraid to dip a toe into the world of orange wine - you might like what you discover! How to serve it chilled Pairs well with salad,veggies,fruits,fries Rating Distribution 5 31% 4 28% 3 21% 2 10% 1 10%