Joy Of Cooking: 2019 Edition Fully Revised And Updated

Review “Cooking shouldn’t just be about making a delicious dish — owning the process and enjoying the experience ought to be just as important as the meal itself. The new Joy of Cooking is a reminder that nothing can compare to gathering around the table for a home cooked meal with the people who matter most.” -- Joanna Gaines, author of The Magnolia Table"Back in 1988 my mother gave me my very first cookbook: her beloved copy of the Joy of Cooking. Joy became a foundational part of how I learned to cook. How to make stocks, knead pasta, bake cookies, dress and cook wild game — I learned it all first from Joy. This is the cookbook I will always cherish and hold dear to my heart. And now I’m excited to pass this wonderful new edition of Joy to my son." -- Edouardo Jordan, James Beard Award-winning chef"Hot stuff: new Joy of Cooking coming out in November.", Associated Press"John Becker and Megan Scott have done the impossible: They’ve remained true to -Joy’s -core while updating it to reflect today’s palate. This beloved culinary classic has been modernized without sacrificing the heart and soul of America’s go-to cookbook." -- Grace Young, author of The Breath of a Wok and Stir-frying to the Sky’s Edge“From my college days, I’ve always kept Joy of Cooking on my cookbook shelf. My grandmother’s edition was passed to my mother and then down to me and it never failed me…If you understand the basics of what one ingredient does to another, you can tackle a recipe with confidence. That information has always been at the core of Joy of Cooking. Not to mention some pretty fabulous recipes…You will find wonderful detail about how to make the perfect ‘cup o’ joe’ and much more in this edition!” -- Kyle MacLachlan, award-winning actor and vintner“Through its many editions, Joy of Cooking has long been an essential guide to the eclectic and always evolving American kitchen. With this latest update and its embrace of more than a decade's worth of newly arrived ingredients, dishes, tools, and understanding, Joy remains an unsurpassed resource for beginners and experienced cooks alike.” -- Harold McGee, author of On Food &- Cooking: The Science &- Lore of the Kitchen“Joy of Cooking isn’t a book, but a rite of passage, part of the living legacy of home cooks in America. As such, it covers the breadth of ingredients now commonly available in supermarkets, not simply the ones found in its original pages. It’s hard to imagine a better crash course for beginners, or a more comprehensive resource for experienced cooks.” -- Stella Parks, author of Bravetart: Iconic American Desserts"Generation after generation, -Joy -has been a warm, encouraging presence in American kitchens, teaching us to cook with grace and humor. This luminous new edition continues on that important tradition while seamlessly weaving in modern touches, making it all the more indispensable for generations to come.” - - -- Samin Nosrat, author of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat"Joy of Cooking is a mainstay in kitchens throughout America...accessible and comprehensive. The 2019 updated edition is the latest in Joy's long history of working to reflect the current home cook.", Food &- Wine"Every kitchen should have running water, a stove, and a copy of Joy.", Saveur