Foldable Freestanding Spa Bathtub

SIMPLE AND EASY SPA EXPERIENCE - Private spa in your own home. Simple and fast to set up, this freestanding bathtub is 27.6" wide and 27.6" high (70 x 70 cm), providing comfortable sitting space for men and women in a small bathroom or shower stall. Works like a one person jacuzzi, soaking tub, ice bath tub or even as a portable outdoor bathtub. Can be folded and stored away conveniently. 3-LAYERED INSULATION KEEPS WARM FOR LONG - 3 layers of construction retains heat better, allowing for you to enjoy a hot bath (or cold bath) for longer. Due to the PVC material, product may have a slight pastic smell when opening for the first time but the smell should disappear after a wash. 1M OUTLET HOSE FOR EASY DRAINING - Outlet hose extends up to 1M (39.3 in) so you don't have to move around the heavy, full bathtub to dispose of water after soaking. STURDY CONSTRUCTION WITH SUPPORT RODS - 6 rods are included for stable, durable and enjoyable spa experience with MURO Portable Bathtub. INCLUDES BONUS SEATING CUSHION - MURO Spa Bath is great for those who want to melt their day away with a warm bath but do not have a bathtub at home. You could even enjoy a warm or cool bath outdoors and relax with a book and a drink. MURO SPA BATH Portable Bathtub Includes: MURO Bathtub Support Rod x 6 Outlet Hose Seat Cushion Sealing patch x 4 Air pump ✓ Private spa in your own home: Simple and easy spa experience ✓ Maximum Insulation: 3-layered insulation for you to enjoy your bath as long as you want ✓1M Outlet Hose: Extends up to 1m so no more dragging the full bath to dispose of water ✓ Seat Cushion: Plush seat cushion included for longer, comfortable use ✓ Support Rods: 6 rods included for stable, durable and enjoyable spa bath ✓MURO Spa Bath is for those who: Want to melt their day away Want to enjoy a warm bath Do not have a bath at home Want a bath in a small bathroom Want to relax whenever, wherever CAUTION: Be cautious of scalding or damage when filling with hot water. Keep water under 50°C when using with MURO Spa Bath. Keep away from sharp objects to prevent bursting. Supervision may be needed with the elderly and children. Prolonged or hot bath may not be recommended after drinking, for those with heart problem, high blood pressure, hemophilia, allergic to synthetic resin, with open wounds or burns, pregnant women, during menstrual cycle, etc.) Do not use for other than intended bath use. Initial plastic smell is inherent to its material and will fade after airing it out. Dimensions: 70cm diameter x 70cm height Material: PVC