Art Coco

Foil Wrapped Chocolate Carrots

At Simply Chocolate
This bunch of extra large foil wrapped premium milk chocolate carrots arrives in a clear gift bag tied with satin ribbon and a gift tag. These festive & delicious symbols of Easter and Spring beginnings have been lovingly prepared in small batches, hand poured, and hand wrapped in colorful foils. At Art Coco premium, hand-molded chocolates have been lovingly created for over 25 years. Originally confectioned in Denver, these wonderful chocolates are now created by a small, family-owned artisanal confectionery in the Midwest. These artisans strive, as always, to keep an eye on detail and artistic quality in every piece. Gift Bag of Art CoCo Milk Chocolate Foil Wrapped Carrots Includes six each large 2 ounce carrot shaped chocolates Each carrot is over 7" long! Gift Measures 7.5" x 7" x 1"