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Boss stressing you out? Partner driving you crazy? These bad boys are here to calm you down and chill you out. COMPLETELY LEGAL! It’s a NON-psychoactive cannabinoid known for helping reduce anxiety, pain relief and inflammation. Meaning you get all the medical benefits of cannabis without that high or “stoned” feeling. We’ve paired the highest quality of this magical oil with raw cacao, cacao butter, date paste, Himalayan sea salt and that’s it. Raw cacao contains anandamide, which has been known as the bliss molecule taking you to a state of Euphoria. Sounds terrible right? Less than 1g of sugar & 5mg of CBD per choc, no fillers, no BS, no hidden sugar or nasties, just delicious GUILT FREE chocolate to help you keep your cool. Servings per pack: 2 Dosage: 1 = CHILL 2 = CHILLLLLL xo SWB + MAGIC MIX SHOP SINGLE PACKS IN STORE FOR $4.20 @ MAGIC MIX JUICERY 102 FULTON STREET, NY, NY, 10038 SADLY WE CANT SHIP THESE BAD BOYS INTERNATIONALLY ATM. **Please note that Booty Bands, Cake Makers, Travel Kits, Key Chains, and Ab Roller Sets ship separately from Vegan Cookie Dough Balls and CBD Chocolate Edibles**