Edgeriser Standing Desk Converters

At Flexispot
Great for work from home The FlexiSpot M8B is the perfect sit-stand solution for remote workers and freelancers looking to stay active and productive while working from the comfort of their homes. It's 27" width provides enough work space for a large monitor, laptop, and mouse, while still staying compact enough to leave the rest of your workspace clear for documents, tablets, and any other accessories you may need. Removable keyboard tray The keyboard tray features a quick-release design for quick and easy conversions from a two-tier to single-tier mode in just a few seconds. This allows you to save space when a keyboard tray isn't needed, such as when you are only using a laptop with no monitor or working on physical documents, making it easy to alternate between a variety of different use cases on the fly. Precise height adjustable Compared to competing products that have preset height steps you have to lock into, FlexiSpot's innovative step-less pneumatic lift system allows you to precisely adjust your riser's height to your exact needs without having to compromise. Also featuring a single-lever design which makes it super easy to lift, lower and adjust to any height you need. Great for laptops Most risers have keyboard trays that are too shallow to fit a laptop, forcing you to place your laptop on the desktop and making it impossible to use with a separate monitor. The FlexiSpot M8B fixes this and makes laptop use a breeze with a 25.9'' wide U-shaped laptop cutout over the keyboard tray, which opens up enough space to accommodate up to a 17'' laptop.