Red Velvet NYC

Diy Chocolate Truffle Kit

At The Grommet
Details This DIY Baking Kit for Chocolate Truffles provides all the pre-measured ingredients and a detailed recipe card so you can make gourmet truffles at home. The kit is hand-packed from start to finish by the Red Velvet team in Brooklyn, NY. The ingredients—including cocoa and sugar—are gluten free. This is the easiest way to bake at home, and a memorable activity for the whole family. Made in the USA: Brooklyn, NY Instructions: See recipe card for ingredients and baking instructions. Prepare using step-by-step instructions provided and add a few ingredients from home such as heavy cream Makes 60 gluten-free rich chocolate truffles Gluten-free premium ingredients are pre-measured for ease of use Every kit has a detailed recipe card that's easy to follow