The YES Bar

Dark Chocolate Chip – (6 Count) Plant-based Protein Cookie

World’s best tasting snack bar made with organic dark chocolate, almonds, cinnamon and French sea salt Great breakfast option- 15g nuts, 4g protein, 3g Fiber to keep you full and get you going Certified Gluten Free & Paleo friendly- free of GMOs, gluten, grains, Dairy, Soy & eggs Low sugar 8g per bar - simply sweetened with maple syrup and coconut nectar, no cane sugar! Plant-based & Low glycemic that is easily digested for a super-fast anytime, indulgent snack Our fully Vegan, grain free take on the classic; the chocolate chip cookie! A scrumptious blend of nuts, seeds, dark chocolate, organic cinnamon, vanilla, and hint of organic coconut nectar Its crunchy, chewy, nutty, decadent, plant-based goodness. 5g of protein, 3g of fiber, 220 calories and only 8g of sugar. It’s a truly guilt free treat, that is low-glycemic and 100% plant based.