Tiny Tiger

Crunchy Bunch Cat Treats, Fins Of Fury Flavor

At Chewy
Put some crunch in your kitty’s munch with Tiny Tiger’s Crunchy Bunch Cat Treats. These tiny bites are made with a crunchy texture that helps scrub teeth, and a whisker-licking flavor from natural ingredients like real chicken, fish and seafood meals. There are no artificial ingredients or colors, so your kitty gets all the yummies with none of those artificial yuckies. The Fins of Fury Seafood Flavor brings together tasty sensations from the sea—whisker-licking salmon, shrimp and crab—to make a splash for your kitty’s taste buds. Your kitty will want to dive right in, so it’s a good thing these treats come in a jumbo-sized tub! And at only 1 calorie per treat, you can keep the crunching going anytime.