Field Roast

Celebration Vegan Roast (case Of 12)

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The Field Roast Celebration Vegan Roast is a delicious, vegetarian alternative to the traditional meatloaf. Stuffed with butternut squash, apples, and mushrooms, this plant-based roast has a rich and savory flavor. It is great for appetizers and sandwiches among other dishes. With 12 packets of the Field Roast loaf, the bulk pack will be an ideal option for restaurants, food events, and convenience stores. Plant-based roast Keep frozen for later use Made with fresh vegetables, spices, and herbs High in plant-based protein Vegan 0 g trans fat Made in facilities that also process tree nuts 1 lb. (453 g) each 12 packs per case ORIGINAL FIELD ROAST GRAIN MEAT CO. CELEBRATION ROAST IS STUFFED WITH BUTTERNUT SQUASH, APPLES AND MUSHROOMS FOR A SATISFYING, SAVORY DISH. MADE WITH A VARIETY OF WHOLESOME INGREDIENTS, INCLUDING VITAL WHEAT GLUTEN, ORGANIC WHEAT FLAKES AND YELLOW PEA FLOUR, OUR 1 LB. VEGAN ROAST IS READY-TO-EAT AND CAN BE SERVED HOT OR COLD. EACH 3 OZ. SERVING CONTAINS 210 CALORIES AND 23G OF PROTEIN. APPROXIMATELY FIVE 3 OZ. SERVINGS PER 1 LB. ROAST; CONTAINS 23G OF PROTEIN PER SERVING; KEEP REFRIGERATED; READY TO EAT;ONE 1 LB. PACKAGE OF CELEBRATION ROAST