Boone's Mill

Boone’s Mill | Rock Crystal Candy Sticks | Blue Blueberry | 36 Sticks [blueberry]

Rock candy is a vibrant, old-fashioned treat perfect for recalling childhood days. Old Fashioned style rock crystal candy was popular in America during the 1800s. Each crystal is bursting with color and flavor, ensured both by each rock candy stick being wrapped and the naturally long shelf life of the sweet crystals. Rock Candy never goes bad or gets sticky or gooey even when enjoyed outside on a hot summer day! The sweetest of teeth will want to enjoy this simple treat. Boone’s Mill rock candy is available in twelve different flavors sold in 24 count cartons or 36 count tubs. Rock candy can be bought by the flavor or purchased by various themes to celebrate the holidays! Boone's Mill Rock Candy is made in our crystal growing rooms right here in Indiana, USA! Crystals Grown in 100% Nut Free Facility, No Nuts or Nut Byproducts