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45% Nutmilk Chocolate Batons

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Nutmilk is our unbelievably vegan chocolate, made without milk and with finely milled hazelnuts. Smooth and mellow, at 45% cacao, Nutmilk has all the chocolatey depth you’d expect from a Hotel Chocolat milk chocolate recipe. You don’t have to follow a vegan lifestyle or be trying to downsize the dairy in your diet to appreciate the taste; our chocolatiers took five years refining the recipe to make sure we created something you – and everyone – will love as much as all our house milk chocolates. Our solid chocolate baton was carefully designed to be the perfect way to experience the tasting notes of all of our chocolate grades. Its elegant size and smooth curves make it ideal for nibbling, savouring and sharing. Is this a dairy-free chocolate suitable for people with dairy allergies? No, Nutmilk is not a free-from chocolate and is not suitable for people with dairy allergies. There are no added dairy ingredients in Nutmilk, but it’s made in the same factory as our milk chocolates so we can’t guarantee it’s free from milk traces. We do, however, have other fully free-from chocolates that are made in a completely separate environment. Go enjoy! Try a free sample in store throughout January! MORE DETAILS Cocoa percentage 45.00 % Weight 120.00 g / 4.23 oz. Dimensions L 8.10 x W 1.50 x H 24.10 cm Country of origin United Kingdom Storage instructions Store in a cool dry place away from odours