Musa Noctuaria

2020 Rosé Of Garnacha

At Firstleaf
Smack in the middle of Spain and about 2 hours south of Madrid, the La Mancha region covers nearly half a million acres. It is the country’s largest and oldest winegrowing appellation, with plantings dating back to Roman times. Fruit planted in the region experience a hot and dry climate with steep temperature drops in the evenings, allowing natural acidity and flavor development. Varietals with dark skins that can withstand the environment do very well in the climate, including the Garnacha (Grenache) that our winemaking team chose to use for our Musa Noctuaria 2020 Rosé of Garnacha. A stunning salmon color, this wine is incredibly feminine. On its own, Garnacha is a bright fruit-forward wine with a medium body. When utilized for Rosé, the varietal gives off bold floral notes and tart red fruit flavors.