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2018 Rosé

At Las Jaras Wies
Yes, this is a pink party wine—but it’s a classy pink party wine. This is a rosé you want to bring home to meet your parents. It deserves to be drunk alongside imported tinned fish, salted butter, and impeccably made, artisanal baguettes. If this rosé could talk, it would have a lilting French accent and quote Godard. In the past, our rosé has been 100 percent Carignan, but this year, we led with Zinfandel. The result is a wine that is both fruity and savory: On the nose, it is all about strawberries, raspberries, and even a hint of flowers; on the palate, it is savory and minerally, with a bone-dry finish. While inspired by the classic rosés of Provence, we wanted something a bit more complex and texturally interesting, so we added a bit of our carbonic pink wine, Superbloom. The result is a surprising, exotic wine, with subtle notes of spices, pear, and marmalade.