2018 Keep It Chill Gamay

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Drink ahead of the curve by introducing your friends to this chillable red wine. Oh, are you still drinking your red wine at room temperature? That’s so 2018. Meet Keep It Chill, the wine that encourages you to rethink your wine drinking habits so you can enjoy this year’s latest trend – chillable red. From the winemakers responsible for Summer Water Rosé, Keep It Chill is its equally refreshing French relative. Red wines made in this fresh, vibrant style have bright, brambly flavors that pop when the temperature drops. Made from Gamay, this wine is crammed with red fruit aromas that make it an ideal accompaniment to any alfresco meal. So whether you’re packing wine for a picnic or hosting a dinner party, make sure you pop this red into the fridge for some cooling. Well, chilling. Rating Distribution 5 37% 4 32% 3 18% 2 7% 1 7% How to serve it chilled Pairs well with poultry, fish, cheeses, cured meats