Tehran Unveiled
She’s Iran’s Best Fighter — But No One Knows It

Elahe overcame childhood poverty to win the first Wushu medal in the history of Iran, but her country refuses to recognize her accomplishments.

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Elahe is a Wushu fighter who, despite a life of poverty, has battled her way to multiple medals...though government restrictions on travel may keep her from realizing her Olympic dreams. Tehran Unveiled profiles four bold and creative women who reveal how the Iranian government views their art and how oppressive restrictions curb self-expression. Their desire to follow their dreams surpasses their need for well-being, and as a result, these courageous women are risking their livelihoods to tell their stories and change the conversation about a "woman's place" in Islamic society, Iran, and the world.
Country Refuses Female Iran Wushu Fighter RecognitionReleased on July 13, 2015

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