79 New Emoji Contestants Might Arrive In 2017

We've long made the case that an avocado toast emoji should be the next one on Unicode's list. And voilà: Avocado showed up as a potential contender for the next round of emoji! Earlier this week, Unicode Technical Committee revealed it is reviewing a whopping 79 new emoji candidates — and they are all pretty darn good. There are a few repeats from last year: a face-palm and shrug emoji are on the list, alongside clinking glasses and bacon. Why these were not approved for 2016 we will never know; we are so tired of ¯_(ツ)_/¯. Some excellent new additions are also among the contenders however, including sneezing face (a.k.a. gesundheit), face with one eyebrow raised, drum with drumsticks, and plenty of animals: deer, gorilla, rhinoceros, lizard, butterfly, shrimp, and squid. Great for zoo days, we assume. Still, a number of the potential new emoji might be best used around brunch time, because so many of are food related. Here's a sample list: 1. Baguette bread
2. Shallow pan of food (think paella, casserole)
3. Green salad
4. Stuffed flatbread
5. Egg
6. Glass of milk
7. Peanuts
8. Kiwi
9. Pancakes (Instagram is going to love this)
10. Tumbler glass (for whiskey drinkers)
11. Spoon
12. Dumpling
13. Fortune cookie
14. Takeout box
15. Chopsticks Unfortunately, the new batch won't be ready for this season's Fashion Week brunch parties (the earliest they'll be available, as Grub Street reports, is 2017), and Unicode could always vote in favor of dropping these options. Still, our hopes are up. Fortunately, Instagram's newest multiple account support will offer some consolation for the hassle of writing out "pancakes" in our brunch captions this weekend.

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