Two Irish Women Are Live-Tweeting Their Journey To The UK For An Abortion

Update: The women have confirmed that the procedure was carried out swiftly and safely. "Friend is out & safe," they tweeted this afternoon. "Procedure was quick & staff very warm. Our love to you all. @EndaKennyTD failed us. You did not. #twowomentravel."

Update 11.00 a.m. BST: Two Irish women are live-tweeting their journey to the UK today for an abortion.

The women have set up the account @TwoWomenTravel with the bio: "Two Women, one procedure, 48 hours away from home." The profile picture is a logo for the "Repeal the Eighth" campaign.

The eighth amendment of Ireland's constitution imposes a nationwide ban on abortion by recognising the life of an unborn child as equal to that of the mother. A coalition of pro-choice and human rights groups have mounted a campaign to repeal the eighth amendment, but Ireland's Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, has so far refused to grant the referendum that would make this possible.

"We stand in solidarity with all women exiled by @EndaKennyTD, his predecessors, his apologists," @TwoWomenTravel tweeted earlier.

Giving an update later in the morning, @TwoWomenTravel said they were in a waiting room, and tweeted at Enda Kenny: "We could be home by noon in another world."

The Guardian
reports that each day, around 10 Irish women are believed to make the journey to the UK or another European country in pursuit of a safe and legal abortion. Refinery29 has contacted @TwoWomenTravel for an update on their journey today.

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